What we offer



CMS provides reliable commercial and residential concrete services. Our experts are able to complete any project related but not limited to footing, slab, floors, dryways, sidewalks, walls, patios and general concrete repairs. We take charge of the analysis, design, and planning of the entire concrete development. In CMS our engineers are qualified to provide a full concrete service to businesses, parks, residential complexes, and more. We make sure to use quality products to guarantee quality service; by minimizing the chances of breaks, crumbs or cracks on any durable concrete structure build by our experts. We are able to transform and improve your property through creative concrete services; textures and superior materials can make a whole new space in your home or business.

Concrete Paving

Our paving services are provided using the highest quality materials; offering our clients a wide variety of colors and textures for their business or residential concrete paving projects. Concrete paving can last up to 30 years if the right materials are used by the right hands, and this is exactly what CMS is committed to serve to our clients. CMS engineers are trained to provide all the guidance you need to develop your paving project, from small ideas such as patios, pool areas, door entrances, to bigger plans like roads and parks. We have the knowledge and ability to provide you the best service at an affordable price.

Parking Lots and Dryways

CMS works by the hand of property owners to achieve big projects within their budgets. We know the procedures and are able to identify your needs regarding space, permits and layout. Our company owns the tools and strategies to construct parking lots and dryways that will meet the city and county specifications, drainage system, stripping and installation; at the same time they are built to prevent flooding and breaking. CMS also provides maintenance and repairs services to your commercial or residential property, due to normal aging and wear of parking lots and dryway areas.

Curbs, Gutter and Sidewalks

Decorative concrete work does not only fits the look purpose, but it also relates to functionality. CMS specializes in the planning and sketching of concrete curbs, gutter and sidewalks to be installed in parking lots, parks, residential complexes and houses, as well as commercial properties in general. CMS prepares the installation process after making an evaluation of the site, considering the right materials and fitting the budget. We can meet your standards for new construction and installation projects, as well as renovation and repair projects.

Asphalt Paving

Being a prestigious company implicates to offer varied quality services. CMS incorporates the best materials to offer your the option of asphalt paving services. Asphalt is a durable material that lasts up to 20 years. We will ensure that you are satisfied during the entire project, from the quoting and planning process, to the selection of the best materials, installation and clean up. CMS also takes care of the asphalt maintenance process, to guarantee the durability and performance of your project. Choosing to do asphalt paving can be an economic, effective, and safe option for your parking lot, park, dryways, sidewalks, athletic courts, among other projects around your business or home. Let us use our experience and professionalism to provide your a quality asphalt paving service for an affordable price.

Asphalt Coating and Sealing

Guaranteeing the quality and performance of our projects is our priority and in the process of achieving our goals, CMS assures that the asphalt service is well finished by the coating and sealing stage. Through this process we protect the pavement that may wear down due to the weather; preventing cracking, rutting, and potholes. We make sure safety procedures are follow as the coating and sealing process are required to prevent the creation of smooth areas, such as slippery roads and dryways. At the same time this procedure will also facilitate the maintenance process on any asphalt or concrete project as it gives them a well finish.


From a big selection of marble, granite, glass, stone, brick and more, CMS experts can provide you a plan and idea for your masonry project. Walls, buildings, small structures, or even for decorative purposes, CMS can help. Masonry projects can be a great option for the Floridian residents and business owners as the materials use make walls more resistant to heavy weather such as hurricanes and also to fire. Our team is prepared to evaluate your ideas and take them to a next level, making your vision real, practical and affordable at the same time.

Site Work

CMS understands the importance of a big project and with this all the requirements for site work. We provide all the equipment necessary to prepare the area designated to a new development, expansion, upgrade or repair. Our services include excavation, filtration, paving, underground utilities, and grading. We guarantee the quality of our services and all the procedures that should be done through side work including but not limited to grubbing, clearing and density test. Whichever could be your need for a site work service we are here to help and fulfill all your requests.


A detailed process of collecting data on land surveys is needed to plan a drainage system. CMS has the experienced and liability on this service; keeping and following the state and federal guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency. The systems are designated to collect water runoff using water pipes, inlets, channels, and storm drains . CMS assures that this drainage systems are designed not only to fulfil the construction requirement, but to collaborate with the processes against pollution and water contamination